About Our Team

Shelat Photography prides itself on having a small but dedicated team each playing a key role in making your special day one that you will remember and cherish for years to come.

About Dilip..

Knowing how precious and individual each wedding is, Dilip tries to blend in with the surroundings, knowing from past experience that if he feels like part of the family, people can relax and show their personalities, resulting in the creation of natural, real memories.

Dilip can give invaluable advice on the best way of achieving stunning results that you will want to show your friends and family for years to come. Dilip will show you his extensive portfolio and consult with you to ensure he delivers the service that matches your requirenments.

What We do,

1. Asian Ceromonies
2. English Ceromonies
3. Receptions
4. Portraiture
5. Studio Work

Our Mission

Corporating all of his skills to create his own unique style, Dilip has now become an internationally recognised photographer, capturing unforgettable scenes that people will want to treasure forever.

As the UK becomes incresingly diverse in culture and tradition, Dilip has taken photographs of Hindu, Christian, Greek, Chinese and couples of mixed religion celebrating their union.